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Preparing for a Job Interview Aug 6, 2019


Good preparation is essential to a successful job interview. Here’s our simple guide to ensure you are ready to set foot inside the interview room.

When you’ve been invited for an interview, your thoughts naturally turn to giving a winning performance on the day. A bit like exams, interviews can creep up on you, but planned preparation is the key to success.

So, here’s a checklist to direct you to areas you may want to address. Some of it may seem a bit obvious but, because many people don’t interview frequently, it’s worth reminding yourself of the process.

Plan as far in advance as possible

Work on answers to the most common interview questions, for example, “why are you interested in this particular role?” “tell me about yourself” or “talk me through your resume” questions are normally asked to ease you in, so make sure you’re ready for them and can speak calmly and with confidence.

Prepare your interview outfit: shine the shoes and plan grooming things like getting a haircut. Dressing well is proven to increase your confidence!

Work out where you’re going, travelling times and transport options. If you can factor in more time and locate a coffee shop nearby, it may help to reduce travelling anxiety. Have a copy of the job description and two copies of your resume, all in a neat A4 folder or portfolio case. Read through them again before you head in.

During the interview

Don’t be afraid to pause and think. You don’t need to fire back an answer in the first millisecond! Sometimes it’s good to show that you are comfortable with silence and taking a moment to consider your response. In general, people speak too quickly in interviews because they’re nervous, so slow down if you notice yourself racing.

Post Interview

Whether or not you are successful in securing the role, look at is as a good opportunity to engage people, grow your network and improve for next time. If you’re not successful, do not be shy to politely and respectfully ask for feedback. If they cannot provide this, simply re-focus your attention on the next application!

We can help you prepare for the next interview by assisting with a resume review/re-write and some behavioural interview coaching (this can include ‘what to wear’ and any aspects which you feel you require guidance with)!


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