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3 Ways To Communicate Your Authority Via Your Brand

On my recent trip to Melbourne, I read a compact book full of 44 ways to better communicate.

I’m not going to break down the whole book for you, but if you want a good read it’s called

‘The Communication Book’

I wanted to write this article because this book reinforced one key element that every brand needs to harness in order to attract those ideal clients and customers.

It’s called Authority.

The Communication Book broke it down and gave a great example!

‘We trust older doctors in white lab coats over young doctors in casual clothing…’

So the question remains, what is your industries ‘White Coat’ and what is that one symbol that would tell your audience you’re an authority?

Here are 3 common ‘White Coat’ symbols used to stamp authority.

1. Awards

Awards are a great way to generate some social proof and provide anyone considering your service or product reassurance that others award it to a high standard.

However, bare caution, as I do believe there is a balance that should be had with awards and to not ‘over do it’.

Some businesses that promote all of their awards all the time can come off as self indulgent and all about them rather then about their clients. Awards are only a powerful tool if they are marketed in the right way.

Which brings be to my next point on awards, keep them modest, seen but not smothered. You don’t want the awards to be the thing people first see, you want it to simply be that secondary confirmation that you are good at what you do.

(If you want to read more about making the most from awards click here)

2. How you dress

Just like the term ‘White Coat’, how you dress can play a role in being perceived as the authority.

Dressing for the role is a great method for boosting your potential clients’ perception as well as enhancing your own feeling towards yourself and your work.

Wether you like it or not, what you wear can be a reflection on what service and products you provide. It’s all about keeping the brand image as a whole, consistent.

3. Take the Stage

There is no denying that we naturally admire and lookup to a person that is on stage. As soon as someone steps on stage, it’s like their cred has just sky rocketed.

Being on a stage in society provides a sense accomplishment and self worth.

There is this assumption that if you are on stage, you must be good…

So if there is an opportunity for you to be on stage, take it and market it.

It’s a quick way to stamp that authority within your industry.

So there you have it, 3 ways to get that authority.

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