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Is there ‘Value’ in being Australian Made?

Buying Australian Made is a growing consumer trend, with many becoming more conscious of where and whom they buy from.

However, this can be said for some markets, but not all…

The Australian Made tag is just one brand positioning element to consider, a position that may enable you to stop competing because you are no longer selling just a product, you are selling a social consciousness that makes your market FEEL good, a powerful position to hold.

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3 Ways To Communicate Your Authority Via Your Brand

On my recent trip to Melbourne, I read a compact book full of 44 ways to better communicate. I’m not going to break down the whole book for you, but if you want a good read it’s called ‘The Communication Book’ I wanted to write this article because this book reinforced one key element that…

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Jacks Story

Here at Medi Freight Logistics, we maintain a consistent focus on going the extra mile for our customers. Supporting those in need is at the heart of what we do! In 2015 we were contacted by Rowena Williams and her family looking for support with regards to her little boy Jack who was born prematurely…

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Should You Ever Re-Name Your Business?

Re-Naming your business On the last few re-branding projects, I have been asked at the start if the business should change their name? ‘We are re-branding, so why not take the opportunity to re-name ourselves?’ What we need to remember here, is the success and value of a brand is in the consistency of its…

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Local or International? The Little Details People Miss

When starting a business, it’s important to know your scope. Do you want to be a local business? Do you want to take your reach to a national or even international scale? Knowing this is one thing but there are a few little details that often get overlooked in this decision. .com or Firstly,…

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How Your Long-Term Goals Affect Your Brand Today

When I spoke to a room of business owners at Griffith Uni last year, I was presented with some great questions in the q&a that followed. During my presentation, I used a packaging example to showcase why it is important to know where you want to go with your brand before creating and designing your…

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